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While surfing the Web and talking with other riders, we've picked up a few tips to share with you. If you have others, please pass them along and we'll be happy to post.

The Ankle Sprain
As a motorcyclist, it is very important to have your feet and ankles in good health. It becomes a safety hazard whether riding in a group or solo.

If an ankle sprain is not treated appropriately, it leads to a chronic condition that can flare up at any time. Imagine not being able to change gears when necessary or loosing your balance when putting your foot down at a stop light or applying the brake.

With an appropriate examination by a Podiatrist, some ankle sprains can be avoided by the use of orthotics that put the foot and ankle musculature back in balance.

If you experience an ankle sprain make sure that you have it properly treated. Many times I have patients that come into my office stating that they went to the ER and were treated for 'just an ankle sprain.' After examination and further x-rays, I have found ankle fractures.

When a diagnosis of an ankle sprain is confirmed, certain treatments should take place that:

  1. Decrease pain
  2. Prevent further injury to the surrounding ligaments
  3. Prevent prolonged disability

Immobilization is important to maintain the integrity of the injured extremity. Free ambulation (walking) is not only painful, but also often risky. Appropriate treatment, surrounds, edema reduction, muscle strengthening, and proprioceptive exercises are required.

The primary goal of ankle rehabilitation is the return to normal activity and should:

a. Ankle should be void of swelling
b. There should be pain free ambulation
c. Muscle strengths should be symmetrical in both limbs
d. There should be no limp with walking
e. One should be able to run in figure eights or do a
one-legged hop without pain. These maneuvers place stress on the ankle.

Healthy Riding!

Courtesy of PMBSMC Dennis 'Doc' Castillo, Podiatrist.

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