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Every successful club has folk in the background who help foster the many programs and activities of the organization and help to make it as smooth as a newly paved highway. NJBSMC would like to acknowledge those individuals - wives, significant others and special family and friends - who have our backs…on and off the road.

We salute:

Associate Members:

Beverly "Dr. Babs" Richardson
Lucille "Lady Thor" Thornton
Lisa "Sunshine" Harris
Denise "SuperGirl" Corbin
Kim "Saprano" Still
Mrs. J. Bettis
Joyce Crome
Carol "C-Note" McQueen
Roma "Lady Bear" Gray
Pat "Ms. Buterfly" Mickens
Rhonda "Squeaky" Harrison
Antoinette "Paradyse" Grant
Sharon "Diamond" Wright
Stephanie "City Gyrl" Stewart
Gene Riggins

Honorary Members:

Eric "Big T" Talton, Chuck Wagon Driver
Herb "King Wing" Dorsey, Riding Member
Asa Murry (H-D Ocean County)
Barb Porowiec (Barb's HD) 

Thank you, ladies & gentlemen!

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